About Us
Seven Strays Dog Rescue started in May 2015, when a we rescued seven stray puppies and their mum from the side of the road in Calarasi, Romania. They were all so skinny, but so friendly, and we could not just leave them there with nothing but a cruel future ahead of them.

From this, Seven Strays was born
We are a group of friends that love nothing but to help dogs that need our help and families that are looking for their faithful furbaby to snuggle up to and chat to.

Hi, I’m Jo. I’ve been in animal rescue for many years and all voluntary, I have many dogs, cats and other small animals. My house is a zoo, but I wouldn’t be without any of them. I volunteer in fundraising, to help make life a bit bearable for animals in need. I hold a certificate as I am a member of the IOF. (Institute of Fundraising). My 4 children have all grown up and have their own lives, so gives me the time to spend on saving dogs in need. My animals and family are my world.

I’m Sian, I’m a qualified pharmacy technician & work 4 days a week, I’m married with one son who’s nearly 13.
I have always been animal crazy and we currently stand at 1 staffy princess, Lola, Bailey our rescue bichon x JR, our elderly cat Greebo and the rampaging tortoise Swifty,
I happily helped Jo with fundraising for another group, until one day I fell in love with a tripod rommie she was trying to find a foster for & after that it all changed for me, we have fostered and seen to their new homes 4 rommies and on our 3rd foster we failed & Bailey stayed, I want to do whatever I can to help these doggies find a happy home & love nothing better than helping out on a raffle or auction.
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What we do for the dogs in Romania

In Romania, the situation for dogs is dire. The population is out of control, and the authorities do not seem to care. The money they receive to help the situation does not go to the dogs, but instead lines their pockets. So it’s up to us to do something about it.

Our aim is to rescue dogs from Romania, either from the streets or from the public shelter, and to keep them safe. Till a home is found,as well as support spay and neuter campaigns to reduce the population and ultimately tackle the root of the problem.

There are plenty of dogs still in Romania looking for homes and have had lots of vet treatment, so we are helping out now to help pay for food and vet fee's.

So any donations will be greatfully received :)