Apply to Adopt Or Foster One of Our Dogs


We ask that you Please read the Note's on this page and also FAQ'S page

Please do not fill in this form for someone else. We will only accept those that either Own their home or have a teneancy agreement in their name. Thank you :)


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If you would like to adopt or foster one of our dogs, please fill in the form to the right.

Please note you must be over the age of 21 to apply. We home all over the UK.

As from 17-3-17 we have changed the way we run regarding adopting with children under the age of 10 years old. Please email before you apply with the ages of your children and also what experience you have with dogs. This change is, because of the amount of young dogs that are being returned back to the rescue. :(

The adoption donation to adopt one of our dogs is Between £150 to £250 (Depending on the dogs circumstances)

Please note to reserve the dog you really want, We will ask for £25 from your deposit at first. ( please ask for our reasoning for this )

If you are interested in fostering, thank you! Fostering is a vital part of many dogs journeys to their forever homes, and can be a truly rewarding experience. Fostering can be from 1 night till the dog gets his/her home, so weeks,months maybe years.

Fostering with a view to adopt: ONLY

We are having to ask, that you can pay a deposit of £150, This is to show us you are serious about wanting to try with the new dog. (and to cover the transport costs). If you find the dog doesn't fit in with your family life, You will still Foster the dog under your fostering terms and conditions. Once your foster dog has got their new home. The rescue will then refund you your £150 back to you.

All of our dogs are mixed breeds with an unknown family history. We do not rehome any pedigrees.

Make sure your email address and phone number is correct as this is how we will contact you.

If you have any problems submitting the form, please drop us an email at and we will be in touch.

Once we receive your application, we will be in touch to have a chat.

Please note that our dogs may come over scared, so please take time for them to settle in, we advise not to walk your dog for 48 hours once home, as they need time to adjust to their new home and family.

Also before introducing another dog to your family we advise to give our dog at least 2-6 months settling in time before applying for another. Because its never in the first few weeks that problems arise, its after. Having 4 Rommies myself and taken in Fosters. I see the change in my own dogs plus the foster after a few weeks.

If you ask and we advise its not in the best interest for the dog you have adopted through us. Then the rescue does have the right to terminate your adoption application. Therefore the dog will stay in foster till another home comes up.

A slip lead is a must at first, until you have confidence in your dog that they will walk with a harness and lead. For extra safety you can use a collar and lead also, a twin training lead is good to have.

If your dog should escape you must inform us urgently plus vets, kennels etc in your area.

Your new dog or foster dog will be micro chipped, and also neutered/spayed if old enough. They will be treated for fleas, worms, kennel cough, as well as rabies. They will also be fully vaccinated, and will come with their very own passport which will have all the vet appointments and relevant details.

If fostering, if you are on low income or benefits, please say so as we may be able to help pay for such items. However these will belong to the rescue so once your foster dog finds a home and you do not wish to have another foster dog, these must be returned to us.

All adopters and foster carers will have a terms and conditions form that will need to be signed.

Please be honest with us as we would hate to have to take any of our dogs away if things were found out later on after adoption or Foster. Any cause for concern, and the rescue can terminate your application at any time. and refunds will not be refunded.

This is for the saftey of our dogs and your family.

Notice to all adopters - due to a reluctance to over vaccinate dogs many people are now opting not to update jabs yearly - in this instance if any dogs need to be returned to us at the rescue for any reason evidence of boosters or a titre test need to be supplied as we cannot put a dog in foster or kennels without this - we reserve the right to insist upon this to protect the dogs in our care - thank you

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Thank you!