Ferquently Asked Questions
Where are you based?
Our rescue is based in the South East of the UK, however we do not have UK kennels. We mostly home dogs straight from Romania to homes in the UK, and our foster dogs are all in homes in the UK. We are able to home anywhere in mainland UK

Where are your dogs?
Our dogs are either in Foster homes or in private Kennels.


How much is the adoption fee?

The adoption fee is from £200
.The rescue have had to pay all the transport and medical fee's to bring the- dog over into foster care for their assesments, before their first adoption..


Do I need to have lots of money to afford a dog?

No, but it helps to have some, everything requires some spending as you need to feed them, give them the right equipment they need, Like: Lead, Collar, Harness, Bedding, Bowls, Crate if needed. Items to travel safely. Some of the dogs may come over needing a good bath, please clean their ears, Eyes. You do need to be prepared to take your pet to the vets as they could come over maybe with a weepy eye? etc. So you will need to have pennies for this. Please take this all in to consideration when adopting any dog, even the ones you buy from breeders. No dog is ever perfect, you will have your hands in your pocket at some time in their life.

We do also ask you take out insurance.

Animal Friends is a good one for rescue's. Please Note when asked how much you paid for your pet. You put £0 (NIL) as your paying the donation for the services the rescue are providing. Your payment is not buying the Dog. this pays for the Vaccinations, Microchipping, Administration and Transport to the UK Defra approved kennels.


Will the dog be neutered/spayed?

We do like our dogs to be. But some times medical reasons and age can stop this for a period of time. But we will always help out where we can.


What breeds are your dogs?
All of our dogs are mixed breeds with an unknown family history. But we do our best in training each and every one that is here in the UK

How do we start the process to adopt?
Apply using the form on our website and we will give you a call, either that evening if the application is during the day or the following evening if at night, but we aim to call with in 48 hours. If you haven’t heard form us, then there may have been a problem with submitting your application. So we ask that you email us at:  sevenstraysrescue@gmail.com
Will we need a homecheck?
Yes, once we have spoken to you a homecheck will be arranged, it is usually completed within one - two weeks. We will get back to you as soon as possible with our decision

Can I Adopt/Foster if living in rented Accomodation?
Yes, But we will need to see proof first, such as tenancy agreement, letter from your landlord with their name and address on also telephone number. or we can write/email your landlord if you cant show either of these.

We live in a flat with no garden. Can we still adopt?
Yes, providing the specific dog is a good match for your home and lifestyle. Over 3 years of age. Apply and we can speak further.

We have young children. Can we still adopt?

Some of our dogs can live with young children but most are only able to go with older, due to being nervous or not good with younger children in general. Please see the dogs albums as, that will say good with children or not and age.


How long does the whole process take?
This depends on checks. Normally we can have you adopting with in 2 weeks.

Where do we collect the dog?
For the dogs already in the UK this will be where they are living. You will notice their location is on their album.
For dogs coming direct from Romania, we have various kennels for collections. But we are having a trial run of, Bringing the dogs over and putting them into foster care for assessments, rather than going straight into your home. So collection of the dogs will be from the foster's home but here in the UK.

What do we need to take to collect the dog?
You are required to take a slip lead (as we cannot be sure a dog will not slip a collar or harness) and a travel crate in your car so the dog is secure and cannot easily jump out when a door is opened as, even the calmest of dog can be waiting to escape, bare in mind that although you might be calm, loving and affectionate to you new pet, to them you are still a stranger.

What should we bare in mind the first few days of having the dog?
Take it easy with them, we advise keeping them inside for the first 48 hours just to let them settle. When taking them out, we recommend a slip lead and/or twin training lead attached to both harness and collar, until you know they can be trusted not to bolt. They are not to be let off lead for at least 6-8 weeks till you have 110% trust in them.

Will the dog be toilet trained?
Will depend on the dog, But we will let you know.


Do I have to take my dog training?
Because of the amount of dogs in Romania, there is just not enought people able to help out with training, So we ask that you sort a training school that can start a week or so after your dog has arrived. We will give advise on this, as certain dogs may not need it as they have been trained before hand.
Training is vital to any dog SO please make sure you can afford this. This is due to the amount of dogs being returned showing behavourial issuses, resulting from a lack of training.

Any other qeustions not on here, please email us and we will get back to you asap