Links to Companies that support us:


Fish4dogs kindly help us with samples for our raffles and Auctions Plus we now have customers whom buy their food
This dog food is really good and we reccomend it 100%
Oatcakes Pet Lodge
We have a fabulous Boarding Kennels we use when we have dogs that need a roof over their head because we don't have the fosters to at the time. Karen is brilliant with all the dogs and is very aproachable.


Easy Fundraising
Purchasing through Easy Fundraising provides much needed income for us at no expence to you !! what could be better?
Kym makes our clothing items we sell on our fundraising page. such as: Jackets, Hats, Tshirts, Vest tshirts, Mugs and many more
Need to find a good dog training school, who will train your dogs and you. Then please contact Lynette