Gender: female
Date of Birth - August 2015
Size: medium size 
Vaccination: yes
Spayed: not yet 

her story: On 6 January we received an urgent appeal from a family that lives in village Giroc (near Timisoara) that a female dog gave birth to 7 pups and she is on the street. One puppy was already dead until the family with other 2 neighbors prepare for her an improvise house. 

We were full at that point but we told them that we could take the mom in about 2 weeks.

The family with the neighbors had to take her to the vet in the middle of he night as she was attached by 2 dogs of another neighbor and she was moved with the pups inside a small yard. 

On 16.01.17 we were able to take her in our care at our kennels.
She is receiving antibiotics and our vet will see her and continue treatment as soon as she calm down as we do not want to scary her more. 
The pups and the mom will be prepare for adoption. The dad seem to be a GSD male mix.