Success Stories
Success Stories
Here are some of the dogs that have been adopted via Seven Strays
Please note . Not all the dogs adopted are here, there is a good few hundred
Back in 2017 we decided that we wanted to get a rescue dog for company for our anxious Jack Russell and because we are generally dog mad in this house hold! Unfortunately a lot of the rescues I went to wouldn’t allow me to adopt a dog from them as I have children under 5. 

I stumbled across seven strays Facebook page after being recommended it on a rehoming page, and from there I found stubby pawed chocolate brown human eyed handsome boy. The process of adopting him was really easy. A lady came and made sure we were suitable to look after him, some paper work was filled in, a very reasonable payment was made by us and then a date was set for him to travel over to England. 

In January of 2017 I collected him from the motorway services and brought him home. At first he was a little nervous, especially of stairs! And the hoover! But with in hours he soon settled in. I can’t tell you how gorgeous this dog is. He is so gentle with the children. He is my other dogs best friend. They are always playing or curled up together and are very protective of each other. He is the best companion on a walk as he’s so adventurous and a joy to watch springing through the forest. He is such a character, often with one ear up and one down, licking everything (doors,beds, the babies name it...he licks it!) and generally up to mischief!  He has an unhealthy obsession with ear plugs and burying treats (plus random things like tomatoes) and if you dare put your socks or shoes on and don’t take him out for a walk immediately he talks at you to tell you off! 

There’s never a dull moment with Rog around. I am so pleased we adopted him and can’t recommend seven strays enough. Thank you for giving us our Roggie. He completes our family & I couldn’t love him more! 

The Larkins


our beloved Cali,we have angels4animals and seven strays to thank for the joy she brings daily to our lives since she arrived october 2015 x

Finn is amazing and I am so happy that he is part of our family he is loving, amazing, playful, messy and had now starred to copy Priya in digging holes in my garden he gives kissis all the time. Would defo not be without him. Lisa


1st Adoption
Ace was Regan

Adopted: October 2016
Age at adoption: 4 months
Adult size: Medium/large - 21kg

Ratings out of 10...

Good with our children: 10
So patient - very good, but don’t expect him to put up with too much - always supervise.

Good with other pets: 10
Excellent - has no interest in our 4 cats.

Good with visitors: 3
Was really awful, growling, barking, lunging, has even jumped up at someone. Slowly improving, now happy to be out the way and quiet stairgated in another room or sits under the dining table - we ask visitors to ignore him.

Noise levels: 5
Pretty good in the house. Can be bit barky in the garden, have a public footpath down one side of the garden - lots of dogs and people go by.

Good with unknown dogs: 2
So so nervous, very reactive with any dog he sees when out, growling barking and lunging - even got out of a head harness and ran in the road reacting to a dog. Given time he can be good with other dogs, but this is a very slow progress area, really hope with time he will learn its okay to pass another dog when out - have had flickers of really good moments - so hopeful he can improve.

Ease of walking: 7
Early on. It was horrible - his nervousness made it near impossible - now he walks very nicely on the lead - only issues are meeting other dogs, He used to react to people and bikes too, but we have pretty much overcome this. Off lead is more of a problem to do, due to his reactiveness.

Food Aggression: 1
Before we adopted a second dog I would have said 0. Guess this is pretty normal for them to squabble a little bit over food every now and again.

Toy Aggression: 0
Seems quite happy to share his toys, I randomly take things away from him to test what he’s like and have had no issues here.

Separation anxiety: 0
Really good at being left for short periods, I work from home and he is left up to 2 hours at most maybe once a week, but is left for short periods daily while I do school runs. I always come home to a happy dog that has caused no damage whatsoever. I always leave a TV on as background noise. I used to go upstairs a lot in the early days and leave him downstairs to get used to me not being with him every moment.

Toileting: 10
Cracked it straight away!

Shedding: 9
His long hair gets everywhere!!! 

Ace is loving and gentle - a very calm soul who is no problem at all in the home with his family. We hope his nerves will gradually go, but in the meantime more than happy to work with him to help him overcome his issues with unknown people and dogs.

2nd Adoption
Bear was Lyanna

Adopted: November 2017
Age at adoption: 4 months
Adult size: Probably still growing, but about 10kg now.

Ratings out of 10…

Good with our children: 8
Really good with our girls - still very playful and can get a bit full on, but not in a nasty way - but need to supervise her and separate her at times.

Good with other pets: 6
She was a complete horror to begin with, but don’t think she was being aggressive, it was the desire to play. She still gets very over excited about our cats and they really don’t like it, she barks at them and chases them. Things are improving and we can now have them all in the same room during the evening - but if the cat flap goes…!!

Good with visitors: 10
She LOVES people - all visitors are greeted with enthusiasm!

Noise levels: 7
Not too bad in the house, sometimes barks at noises in the night and barks at the cats but can be very yappy in the garden and on walks!

Good with unknown dogs: 5
She is displaying signs of nervous aggression - thankfully not as bad as Ace, and as she is a very confident dog in other areas, I really hope as time goes on and we can do more walks during daylight hours this area will improve.

Ease of walking: 8
She loves walking - has done so well since her first walk - only issues are seeing/meeting other dogs! Not tried any off lead yet, still building her confidence and reacll.

Food Aggression: 3
She is quite a feisty snappy little thing, she doesn’t like it if she thinks Ace is going to get her food!

Toy Aggression: 0
Really good - again I keep taking things from her while she is playing and she doesn’t mind at all.

Separation anxiety: 1
Still early days, but pretty sure this is all okay - again no damage and a happy dog when I come home.

Shedding: 5
I fear this will get worse - her hair is getting thicker and longer all the time!

Bear is still young, she is full of energy - sometimes too much! She is snappy and sometimes unpredictable - but its still early days and she is starting to calm down and ‘fit in’. I think it took Ace just over 6 months to really settle so I’m expecting similar for Bear. When she is calm she is very affectionate and enjoys your company, I love that she wants to cuddle in with me at night - she has great potential to become a loving and loyal adult dog

When Rocky came to live with us he'd never lived indoors before. We had to encourage him to come inside. He's had a steep learning curve with new things: vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, lawn mower, carrier bags and traffic to name just a few. But with gentle encouragement he's changed from a nervous puppy-like dog to a part of our family. He's had to learn the rules of living in a family and we've had to learn to live with him. He's the best thing that ever happened to us but he's also been the hardest. Walking a large dog twice a day is a commitment. Teaching a dog how to walk on the lead, not chew our things or even his bed has been interesting but we're getting there. When we adopted Rocky we were making that commitment to him that he has a forever home here with us

Rebel is nearly 12 months now. Very friendly and intelligent. Still needs cageing at night as can be quite destructive if left alone for too long. Potty trained now and is settleing in well

 Molly also enjoys chewing, particularly paper and wood, however, she has not been in a cage for some time (essentially since her head reached the roof!). She got the hang of the toilet lark very quickly and seems to pick up commands quickly too. She is very timid still and does not like cars much, but has only been ill once (so far). She certainly has her issues, but she is a big softie and we love her to bits. We don't regret getting her for a minute.

This is Cody , the second of my two dogs from 7 Strays. In the nine months that he's been with me he has been a little sweetheart. For an adult dog who was found close to death on the streets he is remarkably trusting and so loving. He's no pushover though and can stand up for himself! Like his bigger but younger sister Aysha he settled in so well from the start & I can't imagine life without either of them now. Judy

We adopted Addie in February 2018 after seeing her photo on Facebook. I had never considered adopting a dog from Romania and I wasn't sure exactly what the process would entail. However Jo and the team made it all very clear, and understandable. We had a chat on the phone about my home and what kind of dog Addie is before we started the process to make sure she would be the right dog for us and the right humans for her! It was amazing that we could have pictures, videos and updates whilst we were waiting for her to come over as we felt we could really see and get to know her before she came. Now Addie is here we just couldn't be with out her! She gets on amazingly well with our 2 other dogs, my youngest son and women in general. She loves cuddles and treats (which is brilliant for training) we managed to get Addie house trained in about a week and she has picked on a few basic commands as well! She does like to chew things but this is typical puppy and my son thinks it's hilarious (me not so much when it's a school reading book-my fault tho!) The only thing I would say that shows her time on the streets is that she's scared of men, however with time and the guidance of a behavourist from 7 strays I'm certain it won't be an issue for too long! I would like to that Jo, Carmen and everyone with the rescue for everything they have done and done their continued support of us. It really is an amazing charity and Addie is one very loved (and proving to be sassy) little girl.

Dave the Destroyer - what can I say - he is utterly lush and utterly naughty - couldn't imagine our family without him he brings such joy and fun - huge thanks to all involved in bringing him to us and his forever home
Amber -- Adopted in 2016

We had looked for a second dog for quite awhile but due to our rather excitable lab puppy needing surgery for elbow dysplasia we had to be really careful about the type of dog we choose. We needed something that was calm and wouldn't want to play all the time due to Buddy needing to take it easy. We came across 7 Strays and spent along time talking to Jo about what kind of dog we needed. Jo was wonderful and between her and Carmen they decided Amber (aka Alma) was best suited to us. Fast forward 6 weeks and our little girl arrived. She was nervous at first but soon settled in. Amber is amazing with Buddy, our cats, children and adults. She has never messed in our house or chewed. We are very lucky and very grateful to have our little girl - we absolutely adore her xxxx
Aysha -- Adopted in 2016

I came across Seven Strays on Facebook and fell in love with a picture of Aysha last year. Several weeks later she still hadn't found a home so I applied to adopt her. Aysha has been with me for 6 months now and settled in so well from the start. I've been fortunate enough not to have any major issues with her but I do know that the support from Seven Strays is second to none. Because Aysha is such a loving, loveable dog I have adopted another dog from Seven Strays and hopefully he will be with me in a few weeks! Judy
Desy -- Adopted April 2017

Desy was adopted by myself on the 22nd of April. I've had her now for a month and what a delight.
I looked into getting a rescue dog after my rescue was sadly put to sleep in March. My little dog was so lost and depressed without a furry companion I knew he needed a friend. I wanted to rescue a dog as every dog needs a loving home and my heart had space for another to love. I looked into diffent rescues and after lots of research decided I would adopt from Romania. I looked into all different charities but Seven Strays stuck out. I asked in a few dog groups I'm on and a member couldn't speak highly enough of them. I read through the website and had a look at their dogs. I knew I wanted a dog similar in age to my current dog saw Desy and fell in love with her beautiful face. After putting in a form had a lovely chat with Jo and she sounded perfect just what I was looking for. They completed my home check and in less than three weeks I picked my beautiful girl up. She was terrified to start with. I had to carry her into the garden and up the stairs. She would cower and hide from my touch. Shd gained confidence through my other dog and slowly started to trust me. Before the week was out she was on the sofa with her head on my knee. She is a beautiful intelligent loving pup who now likes nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa or a play in the garden with her big brother. We have a few issues but she has such a wonderful temperament and with lots of love we will overcome them. So glad this beautiful girl walked into my life, brightened my grieving dogs life up and filled the house with joy and lots of laughter with her naughty puppy antics. I'm truly greatful to Seven Strays and would adopt from them again in a heartbeat.
Bella -- Adopted November 2016
We had spent quite some time looking about for a rescue dog that was allowed to be with children under 5 but had no luck until we found seven strays. They were so friendly and answered all my questions at any time of the day and advised me on the best dog they felt suited me. We were pretty nervous when going to get Bella (catiusha) as it was November 5th but the first moment I saw her in the van I fell in love with her and she didn't bat an eyelid at the fireworks she slept right through! When we brought her home she was quite nervous but it only lasted a few minutes before she was rubbing herself against me and my 5 year old daughter and exploring our garden. She fitted in straight away and was crated for a couple of days but she was much happier in her beds she resisted a few times for her first walks but we left the door open and let her walk out of it in her own time and once she was out she had a fantastic time it only took a week or so before she was let off leash and had great recall. She has been incredible with my 5 and 3 year old she absolutely loves them and is always so excited to see them and play with them. We were worried at the start she would always be scared of strangers and other dogs but she soon got over that with some time and patience and now laps up all the attention she gets. She is the most beautiful natured dog and just wants to be loved, she is so well behaved and just such a joy to have around. I am so glad I found seven strays our lives wouldn't be the same without our Bella.
Risa -- Adopted September 2016

. Risa is really settled now. She's quite naughty, but so sweet. Every morning she comes and wakes me up with kisses, and this morning she and my large lady, (Feather) were playing in the garden, and Feather takes a long time to bond with anyone or any dogs!
Love  Liz x

Aaron --- Adopted September 2016 Sadly returned to rescue in March 2017
Aaron has settled in after a few problems at the beginning, but with help these were over come. He is a happy little lad that is very loving :)
Lumi - Adopted Septemeber 2016
Lumi settled in her very quickly met her brothers and sisters and was as if she new them all her life. :)
Teddy - Adopted September 2016
Teddy was on a Foster with a view to adopt, but after a coupe of days his owners couldnt bare the thought of letting him go to any one else :)
Luna- Adopted September 2016

I had been 'watching' the daily DogsBlog for weeks as my husband had agreed I could have a second dog for my birthday. I had in mind a small terrier-type as we already had a large black Labrador, Riley. We ended up getting in touch with Seven Strays for a dog that turned out to be already reserved, so Jo went through the available adoption choices on the phone with us and mentioned Luna, who I hadn't noticed before. Jo also said that a smaller dog would be bound to come in soon but by that time I had explored Luna's profile and suddenly realised how beautiful she is. So that was that. Not quite the terrier I had imagined! The day we picked Luna up she looked like a princess being carried out to us in her crate. She made direct eye contact with me in the car and I knew she trusted me. She seemed to settle in very quickly but a few days in I was concerned because there was a fair bit of growling and snarling going on between her and Riley. But she listened to me when I said 'no' in a sharp but not angry voice and about a day later she and Riley truly bonded. They are inseparable now. Luna was scared of going out at first but with gentle coaxing and allowing her to go at her own pace she is much more confident now. She is super-clever and has learned to sit, lie down and 'leave' without us having to teach her. She seems to have picked it all up from Riley. She also tells you what she wants by nudging you and leading you to where she wants to go. She's the best birthday present ever and we can't imagine life without Luna now.  Tracey xxx

Melody - Adopted September 2016
Melody, while in foster was a very good girl, made friends with her foster fur brothers and sisters and the cats very well. She was a cheeky monkey and now she is adopted is still the same cheeky little thing. but very loving :)
Ambra - Adopted September 2016
Maya (was Ambra) Maya is a gorgeous dog that has fit perfectly into my little family. I was expecting to have some difficulties, being a rescue and a yound dog, but she has proven to be so clever and brave that I have yet to have any troubles. She is so loving towards not only my other dog, but my 2 young daughters also. I am absolutely besotted with everything about her!! Its like she has always been with me, and its only been a couple of weeks!
Thor/ Charlie - Adopted September 2016
Tristan - Adopted September 2016
Emily - Adopted September 2016
Anubis - Adopted September 2016
Diva - Adopted September 2016
Honey - Adopted September 2016
Grizzly - Adopted September 2016
Dave - Adopted August 2016
Dave came into foster with us in August & ended up being adopted as he fitted so well with our resident dogs and our family, he is an utter delight and a proper little boy pup and has completed our little pack - we couldnt be happier with him & considering he started his life on the street with his siblings he is a well adjusted proper pup - which is just as it should be - we will be forever grateful to his rescuers and the team for getting him to us xx Sian
Meva - Adopted July 2016 Meva was adopted again after being returned

Meva was one of the trustee's foster pup, she came over very scared and nervous, But since having traing and help she became a more confident girl, She has her ups and downs, but has been adopted and lives with a lovley family and her fur brother :)


Sara - Adopted July 2016

Sara is a little dear, Her mum and dad are fantastic, we couldnt wish for better family for her. She is also living with Leo whom was also adopted from Seven Strays. Both are very happy charging about and being brother and sister :)


Marsye - Adopted June 2016
Marsye is living with a young family whom have also adopted Ghost from Seven Strays. Both are getting on just fine. :)
Callie - Adopted April 2016
Callie was adopted into a family whom had a nother rommie female, Teething problems at first but they were over comed :)
Odin - Adopted March 2016

Odin/Rex is doing brilliantly he has grown up to be a handsome young mad, and turning heads everywhere he goes :)

Alyssa- Adopted July 2016

Alyssa was adopted second time round, but is happley leading life to the fullest she is a happy contented dog :)

Eva - Adopted May 2016

Eva is living up north with 2 small little yorkies and gets on great with them, Lately she was introduced to her little sister called Sky, whom came over November 16. She has also settled in very well :)

Kensi - Adopted May 2016
Kensi is living with another Rommie and is living life to the full. Her family have said she a a delight and couldn't ask for better. :)
Nellie - Adopted February 2016
Nellie was one of the lucky older ones to travel early this year. She has made her home and is safe and she knows it. her family are smitten . :)
Luna - Adopted January 2016 Lilly -Adopted April 2016

When first took Luna home she was quiet and shy, we gave her a bath and some dinner and she snuggled up and went to sleep. When she woke up she was bouncy and happy and it was as if she had always been with us. All she wanted to do was cuddle, she was already toilet trained but was scared of going for walks. For the first two weeks we used to carry her to the park and sit on the bench with her watching the other dogs but she gradually got used to going out and about.

A few months later we saw Lilly and thought she would make the perfect friend for Luna, they are very similar and we thought they may be related. When we bought Lilly home she was quieter than Luna had been and took a little longer to find her feet. Luna was happy to welcome Lilly and went and fetched all of her toys and put them at Lilly’s feet. They settled together quickly and spend their days snuggling and playing together. They are very lively when they are together and love to chase each other, dig in the mud and tear up paper! They instantly became members of the family and we are all really happy to have found them.

Alice - Adopted January 2016
This is littel Alice She was a very timid little girl when she first cam over, but with the wonderful help for her foster carer, she new she was Safe. Then she was adopted, A few teething problems at the start, but the family won't be with out her now :)
Brico - Adopted January 2016

Brico was adopted in the beginning of the year and has settled in very well, Wasn't long after she arrived that she was a pampered pooch :) and she looked and still looks now very pretty.

Dylan - Adopted August 2015

I've had Dylan for about 1 year. I loved him from the moment I met him. He was about four months old when he came to England and 3 days later I collected him. Being so young I expected to have to clear up at least a few 'accidents'. Since day one he's had a total of 3 mishaps and those in the first 2 weeks. Dylan is an absolute joy. He spent the nights in a crate to begin with but soon progressed to the sofa! He whined a little for a short time when left downstairs initially but not since. I'll be honest he did chew blankets, cushions and chair arms to begin with but has grown out of that. He thinks anything on the floor is fair game but that's ok I don't leave things on the floor. He loves his walks and playing with other dogs. He is super trusting and loves everyone, man and dog! He won't retrieve but I'm sure he'll get there. Dylan does pull on the lead but again he's getting there. He is fantastic in the car. He jumps in and travels quietly and happily. Simply put he loves life. The adopting process wth Seven Strays was made easy by the 'team' and although I've not needed much help from them I know that they are always there to help and advise. It's a friendly group and its good to support them through fund raising and sponsoring. However you are never made to feel under pressure to do so. To summarise the whole experience has been excellent. If anyone is looking to adopt a dog I can't recommend Seven Strays enough.   Vivienne xx

Alice - Adopted November 2016

Lilly has been adopted for the 2nd time, but has settled great in her new family home really well. She is the perfect girl and the family have said it feels like she has been their for ever. :)

Rufus - Adopted Novemeber 2015
Rufus is a smart boy and a joy to have. He has come on heaps and we are all in love. From Follow up vist
Daisy - Adopted August 2016
Daisy is a delightful little girl and loves everyone and everyone loves her too. Daisy's family are over the moon with her and could wish for better xx Wendy and David
Captain - Adopted April 2016
- I feel so privileged to have rescued such a loving and beautiful dog with such an incredible name I might add. I found Seven Strays in August 2015 and instantly fell in love with Captain, I wasn’t able to adopt him at the time as we had an elderly dog who we devoted a lot of time to with him being 16. We lost Tyke in February and I always thought it would take me a long time to get another dog, but then I saw another post about Captain and couldn’t believe he hadn’t found his forever home yet. It was like he was waiting for us. He’s never had any accidents in the house and is so gentle in every way. Captain is a nervous boy, but every day he does something that surprises and impresses me, whether it’s him finally playing with a toy, or letting someone stroke him. Thank you to Seven Strays for finding the most perfect dog to come into the home Tyke left behind. Love him to bits. Jody xx
Aida adopted - February 2016
I have arthritis and live on my own so having a dog is a massive thing to me. I have a 14 year old springer spaniel called Buffy who has arthritis too so she's happy to be lazy in bed with me all day lol but she's an old dog and my family were concerned when the time came (I can't bring myself to say the words lol) it'd hit me really hard, so they contacted the rescue asking if there was a dog that would be good for me with my mobility problems so a dog that just wants to laze around, be fussed and spoilt proper rotten, and straight away Aida was their obvious choice, and as soon as I saw her picture and heard her story about how long she'd been waiting for a family I felt that spark and instantly fell in love! When she first came she was understandably nervous, she wouldn't leave my front room and didn't go toilet or even outside for 2 days! Within a week or so I gained her trust and she went from crying and hiding in a ball in the corner of my front room to hogging half of my bed and gobbling up all of her food, and some of Buffys on occasion causing some sulking but never any fights (Buffy is used to being a spoilt only child so has had a few sulky pouty moments Aida is such a loving dog and has adapted and become accustomed to being a princess very quickly and easily, although it's only been a few months it feels like it's been forever and already feel I can't be without her! Had to put her in a kennel recently for one night and i actually cried so my dad has to take her I couldn't bring myself she also follows me around anywhere I go and people can instantly tell how attached we are to each other, my sisters words when I took her to my parents and she was following me all around the garden - "char she is definitely your dog! I've never seen a dog follow someone around like that I wish our (my parents dogs) were that loving to us!" She's also become so attached to my boyfriend sometimes I think she thinks he's her boyfriend not mine cheeky moo

There are so many other things and stories I could say but feel I've rambled on and gushed enough about her, she is such a happy, content, relaxed, gorgeous, loving dog (the list could go on , the process of the rescue and Jo both before and after have been incredibly helpful! I was terrified that because of my disability I would be automatically refused a rescue dog, but the house assessment and assessor was so lovely and re assuring. Getting Aida was the best decision I ever made and she means so much to me, in the house hierarchy my boyfriend (unhappily is at the bottom, the dogs come before him in true Disney style we've both found our happily ever after . ---From charlotte xx
Starsky adopted - April 2016

Starsky was a very nervous scared dog when he frist came, he always hided in small areas, starsky has defo came out of that he is a great well behaved dog and he is such a loving dog, starsky loves to play he always jumps on us and claws are legs when we have came home from being out he loves liking hands dont know why, starsky loves running and playing, my mum found your rescue page on facebook whilst searching and looking for rescue dogs and there was picture of starsky and we all fell in love with all 3 of us, he is a great dog and he so happy, when he has a shower his fur also goes athrow fur haha xx Owners own words.

Hayley and Teresa

Shiloh - Adopted April 2016  

I adopted Shiloh on April 9th, from Seven Strays Rescue and could not be happier! He is the best snuggler, he loves attention, and loves to chase my cats (which i am in the progress of teaching him not to). Shiloh is a great companion to my Pug Willow, and we go on lots of walks together. He LOVES his toys, but always wants what Willow has, even if there are plenty for him to play with. He sleeps in our room at night along side Willow... NO they're not spoilt! Well maybe just a little. He is the goofiest of dogs, and never wants to leave my side. I am really glad that I could give Shiloh a comfortable home where he has been able to relax, be extremely loved, and grow into a better behaved dog. He has definitely found his forever home in my heart! I would thank Carmen & Shiloh's foster for everything they did for him while he was in their care.

To Jo & Sian , Thank you for finding families for all the dog's you rescue to love them!--- Dee xx

Imogen - Adopted March 2016  

Imogen, 5-6 months old now, has been with me and mike for 2-3 months, she has settled in very well, runs around the garden like complete loon with her brother Eddie, she has learnt how to sit, paw, down,beg, bed and heal, she is so very very smart, she is extremely loveable, and adores her cuddles, we adore her and she adores us and I couldn't be more in love with our intelligent little girl. -- Jess

BRACKEN – Adopted March 2016, Somerset  

“Well what can I say, as soon I saw Bracken my heart melted. I contacted Jo at SSDR who told me step by step what we needed to do to adopt him. Bracken was in foster in Essex, 4 hours away but Jo and her husband gave up there Sunday morning plans to meet us half way. Couldn’t have been more grateful. Bracken came into our lives and has melted everyone’s hearts, he can still be a little nervous but is over coming his fears more and more every day. We can not thank everyone at Seven Strays Dog Rescue enough.”
– Louise

THOR – Adopted February 2016, Essex

“I first saw Thor (previously Gizmo) on the Seven Strays site in January and instantly fell in love with him. The team worked with me to get Thor over to me and helped and informed me at every stage of his travels. Having two young children and Loki an Alaskan Malamute already, I was a little apprehensive not knowing what to expect. However Thor is a beautiful fun natured loving happy dog and I’m so proud and happy of how he has come along. Sure there were a few hiccups at the start but with the help of Jo from Seven Strays with a little bit of discipline (which was so hard as he’s so loving and handsome) we got there. He’s now a massive loved part of our family and we have a very strong bond and his new brother Loki is looking after him. I’m so glad that I followed my heart and gave him a home we love him so much. Thank you.”
– Stacey

TODD – Adopted January 2016, Kent

“Todd came to us via his lovely foster mum, Jo. He settled in relatively quickly and is a very much loved, spoiled pup. He is currently enjoying dog training classes and we work with him everyday to build his confidence with walking. He’s coming on in leaps and bounds and it is so rewarding to watch him grow. None of this would be possible if not for Seven Strays. The support network is unbelievably good; any questions and they are there to advise and support you every step of the way. Thank you all so much for what you do for these dogs.”
– Cassandra

SKY – Adopted December 2015, Kent

“Sky is settling in really well and is quite a character. She loves snuggling up for cuddles on the sofa and is doing really well with toilet training, just the odd accident every now and then. She gets on well with the cats and just wants to play with them, but they ignore her. She wouldn’t walk on a lead at first and just sat down and refused to move, but now loves going out for walks.”
– Darryl

NINA – Adopted November 2015, East Sussex

“Rescuing Nina has been by far the best thing I’ve ever done. She has settled into a relatively unusual living situation (above my pub) so easily and is just the happiest, most affectionate, playful, funny little dog I could ever have hoped for. We are stopped by people everywhere we go, and she loves every bit of attention she gets. Seven Strays made the whole process really easy and gave me loads of advice which has also been hugely helpful. Thanks guys!”
– Marina

HONEY – Adopted October 2015, South Wales

“My husband and myself are unfortunately not able to have children so have over the years acquired fur babies instead (which are all rescue). My eldest dog Judy is now 14 years and was from the Dogs Trust and is spoilt rotten by us as she is an absolute cutie (Staff x Springer). My second dog called Tess was only 5 weeks when we had her (Collie x Black Lab), her mum died in child birth and we had to bottle fed her as she was with a friend of ours. We weren’t looking for another dog but hey ho, she was adopted by Judy and that was that and she is 4 years old now.
Unfortunately Judy is getting on now and the vet had said to us that we wouldn’t have her for much longer and that we might think about getting another puppy as Tess wouldn’t cope on her own as she needs company!! It was just by chance that 3 days after having this conversation I saw the advert by Sian (Honey’s foster mum) to say that she was looking for a home. One look and I just knew she was going to be part of our family.
When Sian brought her for a visit my girls were so excited to meet her and she was very good with them. It felt like an eternity before we found out if we had been successful after the home visit, whereas in reality it was just a day! Thankfully Seven Strays felt we were the right family for Honey. I will never forget the day Honey came to us as it felt like Christmas morning, I didn’t sleep the night before as I was so excited, this must have rubbed off on my other dogs as they too were mega excited for her to arrive. Her crate was ready, toys bought and new harness, lead and coat, we just needed her. From day one she settled in with my dogs, she knew my old girl was in charge and was a good sleeping/cuddling partner and Tess an amazing play partner. She started using puppy pads successfully after a week and would sit and stay after a month. She has her little faults (like chewing my garden furniture and plants) but hey no one is perfect and we should all remember that. Now our family is complete and I truly believe she was meant for us and us for her. She is a pleasure and a pain but I wouldn’t change her or my other dogs for all the money in the world.”
– Lisa

JULIE – Adopted October 2015, Norfolk

“After looking for another Romanian rescue dog for a few months we came across the Seven Strays website. We fell in love with little July but she had already been reserved. Shortly afterwards we saw she was no longer reserved and we immediately got in touch. We were excited to be able to apply for her. After our home check Jo gave us a ring to let us know that we could have her, we were all so happy!

On the 31st of October we drove to South Mimms to pick up July (now Julie), our tiny girl was everything we had wished for and more. From the word go she has been absolutely perfect. She is a very bright little girl and is responding well to training and understands basic commands. She loves people, her food, toys and walks. Julie is non-stop wagging her tail and loves nothing more than to curl up in a ball on our laps. Julie, Boris and Habby get on so well. They follow each other round the house and like sitting on the settee right next to each other, they especially like running around the garden together. It is lovely to see her grow and watch as her personality grows even more. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our little pack, she fits in perfectly and we all love her to bits.

Thank you to everyone from Seven Strays for your help in getting this little girl over to us and thank you to Carmen, Denisa and Robert for looking after her in Romania. We feel very grateful to have her home!”
– Charlotte

LEO – Adopted October 2015, West Sussex

“This handsome lad, Leo, has stolen our hearts! He’s been with us for just over a week now & it feels like he’s been here forever. The way he’s settled in has been amazing, no problems at all. It’s love at first sight for everyone that meets him, he’s such a happy lad and it’s wonderful seeing him gain confidence each day. He has the most waggly tail I’ve ever seen & never fails to give a demonstration! He’s really affectionate amd loves giving cuddles. Thank you Seven Strays Dog Rescue for letting us adopt Leo amd for all the work involved getting him fit and well to travel to us, his forever family. I hope he soon realises that we’ll keep him warm, safe and very much loved for the rest of his days.”
– Jan

CALI – Adopted October 2015, Glasgow

“Cali arrived 3rd Oct, she is a little girl, 3kgs, but she has a huge personality, cuteness personified, everywhere we go people stop to say hello! Cali loves her walks, chasing the birds from her garden, ear and tummy scratching, playing with her toys. She loves her food and has put on a little weight which suits her, she also loves to snooze, and have plenty cuddles, watching out the window. In spite of ALL Cali has gone through she is a very sweet loving wee dog, full of fun, a great nature ,we are so lucky to have her.
We just love her to bits, who could fail to love that wee face. Cali has settled very well. Cali is HOME (forever).”
– Lorraine

SUFLETEL – Adopted August 2015, West Sussex

“He is doing fantastic. He is such a good dog. Sufletel has moulded in with us great and the kids absolutely love him. When my daughter gets back from school he is so happy. He is such a pleaser dog who loves his food and has really started to come out of his shell and is really wanting to start to play with us :)”
– Keeley

TESS – Adopted August 2015, Sussex

“Tess is doing really well, it has taken a good two months for her to open up and accept people won’t hurt her. She now enjoys walks, as when we first got her she just froze as was scared to go out the gates as any noise spooked her.
She now loves cuddles and her personality is growing day by day.
She was extremely hard work to begin with and we worked with her day and night to get her confidence to where it is now but the rewards are brilliant and it’s nice to see her starting to enjoy life.”
– Matt

BOOMER – Adopted August 2015, Essex

“From the first moment I saw Boomer I fell in love with him and drove everyone mad as I couldn’t wait for him to arrive. On the 29th August my dream came true and he was even lovelier than his photos! He is just the cutest dog we have ever had and everyone that meets him falls in love with him. Even when he chews things or wees indoors we still love him so much! It feels like he has been a part of our family forever and we are all very grateful to everyone at a Seven Strays for letting us be Boomer’s forever family.”
– Karen

KIMI – Adopted July 2015, Kent

“As soon as we saw Kimi, we knew we had to have her; she was beautiful and seemed so lively and loving in her videos and straight away we decided we wanted to give her a better life. Because she had a litter of puppies to finish raising we had to wait longer than usual before she could travel to England. After what felt like a lifetime of waiting, the day finally arrived where we could collect her. We were both nervous, as we knew that she could take some time to adjust to us, but the excitement outweighed it. As soon as she saw us walking towards her, her tail began wagging: she was so happy and affectionate despite not knowing who we were. When we got her home she was scared at first and we did have teach her a few things like toilet train her and even help her use the stairs as she couldn’t seem to get up or down them without us! But luckily for us, she picked everything up very quickly and soon made herself right at home! It’s weird to think that when we first got her she couldn’t even climb up onto the bed and now she hogs it! She immediately became best friends with our other dog who is now so much more lively and playful as he has someone to run around the house with. We feel so blessed to have Kimi, she is the most chilled out, cuddly, and warm hearted dog we’ve ever met and we’re so glad that we get to call her ours.”
– Shaun and Jayde